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 Tytuł: Konferencja w Mińsku (Białoruś) 9-11 listopada 2007 r.
PostNapisane: wtorek, 6 listopada 2007, 01:27 
I would like to present you the School of Slavic Health Tradition and Pagan Belarus Culture and invite you to visit or at least to be informed about the Conference held in Minsk on November 9-11, 2007. http://www.krivich.com/studying/plan.php

I realize that this invitation is too late but I believe my letter could be the 1st step towards our future cooperation and the exchange of ideas and events.

Our site is in Russian 'cos the significant number of its members are living in Kazak regions of Russia and territories where Belarussians have moved.

The 2nd International Conference "The Slavic Ethnosuggestology in the Everyday Living Practices and Health Tradition. The Sources of Spiritual Culture and Physical Training of Slavs." The following topics to be presented

А. Бабенко (Russia, Krasnodar). Kuban Kazak Holidays (feastivals) as a Ritual of Prosperity.
А. Половинка (Belarus). Belarussian Traditional Gymnastics Practice "Lying Kryzam" or "Lying on a Cross".
А. Карпухин (Russia, Krasnodar). Sources of Kazak Physical Power.
В. Цветков (Estonia) Ritual Worship of Ancestors as a Method of Good Health Practice.
Г. Адамович (Belarus). Triple Unity of Slavic Universe.
Г. Сухарева (Russia, Moscow). Why should we commemorate Dziady.
Г. Чеурин (Russia, Ekaterinburg). Interior House Design and Planning in Ural Culture as a Method of Child Raising and Education.
Д. Гаврилов (Russia, Moscow). Pagan Goddesses of Slavs. German and Ellin Allusions.
Е. Казанина (Belarus). A Traditional Belt in a Wedding Ritual of Belarussians.
Е. Казанина (Belarus). A Traditional Rushnik in a Wedding Ritual of Belarussians.
З.Зимина (Belarus). Men's Shirt in the Slavs' Rituals.
И. Лешкевич (Russia, Moscow) Good Health IImpact of the Traditional Women Gymnastics "Still Waters".
Л. Меткая (Ukraine). The Use of Clay Things in the Traditional Medicine of Ukranians.
М. Качаева (Russia, Ryazan). Russian Traditional Agricultural Calendar and Textile Ornamental Patterns: Rythmical Structures.
Н. Горгоц (Latvia). Traditional Slavs' Sauna.
Н. Карпухина (Russia, Krasnodar). Childbirth in Traditional Culture.
О. Розова и др. (Russia, Moscow). The School of Traditional Culture named after Mrs.Pigilova.
С. Поляков, Л. Полякова, Е. Долганова (Russia, Ekaterinburg). Slavs' Youth
Games, Dances, Songs and Round Dances as a Method and a Ritual of Unity Formation Prior to Travelling.
Э. Скобелев (Belarus). Myths of Slavs' Precursors.

I hope our events and ideas will be interesting to our Polish friends and Pagan culture followers.

with regards,
Kirill Shilingovski
Pls check www.kirvich.com for more interesting details.

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Wszystkie czasy w strefie UTC + 2 [czas letni (DST)]

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